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Spheres - Pyramids - Sub Category

Description of Spheres - Pyramids

You can experiment a lot with gemstones.
Agate has widely searched to bring you some of the unique jewelry. These
gemstone jewelries are crafted in unique shapes such as pyramids, eggs, spheres
etc. On a close look, you will notice their intriguing and detailed patterns, which
make them more elucidate.

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There has long being a fascination with Crystal Spheres and pyramids. These powerful shapes make excellent meditation and healing tools. We carry wide range of sizes, designs, shapes and have separate compartments for easy storage of different types of Pyramids and Spheres

  Agate Export
  provide Wholesale Spheres - Pyramids stones at wholesalers price online. A
  pyramid is a geometric solid that has a polygon as its base and faces that
  converge at a point called the apex.

Cones are similar to pyramids except
  that their bases are circles instead of polygons. Spheres - Pyramids stones
  eases guilt and balances emotions, lowering stress and bringing peace. It
  opens the heart to compassion for self and for others, and raises

Use Spheres - Pyramids stones to enhance positive
  self-affirmations. Spheres are solids that are perfectly round and look the
  same from any direction. This mighty stone formed part of an outer layer of
  fine white limestone that would have made the sides completely smooth. It was
  polished until it shone so that the pyramid would have gleamed in the sun.

  Pyramids help in absorbing negative energy and blockages from the chakras.
  They help in meditation and healing. We have a wide range of pyramids made
  from various stone such as amethyst, agate, apophyllite, crystals, etc. Agate
  Export offers a variety of Wholesale Spheres & Pyramids made from high
  quality in eggs shape.