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Privacy Policy Of Agate Export :

We, on, We present ourselves Agate Export as the leading quarries owner and Manufacturer, Exporters & Wholesale Suppliers Of Metaphysical Products, New Age Products, Gemstone Products, And All Indian Products since year 1990.

We provide a unique online platform for the users to shop the gems and jewellary items including but not limited to Healing Wand, Beaded Necklace, Healing wand, Agate Necklace, Tumble Stone Necklace, Beaded Pendulum, Cabochons, Druzy pendants, Carved pendants, Metal Pendulum, Agate Arrowheads, Rune set, Mercaba stars, Tumbled Stones, Stone Bowls, Gem Trees, Pyramids, Stone Power Bracelet, Onyx Plate, Stone Belt, Agate Clock, Chakra Stones, Agate Bowls, Ball, Agate Pencil, Gemstone Faceted Pencils, Spheres & Eggs, Agate Tumbled tiles, Agate Chips ,Agate Bagger Necklaces, Chips Necklaces, Agate Bracelet, Tumbled Chips Un-Drilled, Shiva Lingam, Star, Jumbo, Massage S(ck, Obelisks, Worry Stone, , Merkaba Star, Carved Stone, Hearts, Cross, Drop, Faceted Drop, Gemstone Arrowheads, Gemstone Donuts, Natural tumbled stones, Dyed tumble stones, Tumble Stone Nugget, Rough stone, Fossil Stones, Crystal beads, Agate door handles, Carved agate bowls, Metal Key chain, Velvet Pouch, Etc.. For our users we aspire to create the best experience by providing safe and secure items. Here at, we strive to give you the most secure and memorable experience while browsing and shopping. Bring your buddies along. It cannot be simpler than this.

The issue of online privacy is extremely crucial for which is committed to safeguarding the information provided by its members (registered users) and other visitors (unregistered users) logging on to its Web site is dedicated to create a secure environment for internet.

Respecting the privacy of its online visitors while providing top-of-the-line gems and jewellery items to its users have remained the core of’s strategy. Our Privacy Policy gives visitors a view of the Privacy Practices followed by and assures them of safe passage through the website for building safe online community.

At the same time, would like to make it clear that its site provides links to other Web sites that are governed by their own Privacy Policies and does not take responsibility for the security and privacy practices provided by these sites. Visitors to the site are urged to familiarize themselves with its Privacy Policy as well the policies of the sites that collect personally identifiable information.

When you provide us with your personal data, you are agreeing to the rules and regulations stipulated under our Privacy Policy and are bound by it. If you do not agree to our Policy please do not use the Site.

The Privacy Policy covers the following areas:-

1.    Type of information collected through the Web site
2.    Use and Disclosure of personal information
3.    Choice or Opt out
4.    Security

1. Type of information collected through the Web site

Personal Information :-

Users registering at the site are requested to provide some personally identifiable information which becomes the property of and can be shared, disclosed or distributed to third parties only in accordance with the Privacy Policy. It must be clarified here that registration is not required for visitors to the site who do not require any specific services.

2. Use and Disclosure of personal information will not sell or rent such personally identifiable information collected. The personally identifiable information is supplied voluntarily for some of the following purposes:

Registration Data & Other Optional Information:

  • If you are merely a visitor to our site then does not collect any personal information about you, except to the limited extent through the use of cookies, as described below. If you decide to use certain services offered on the site, you will be asked to register on registration link. During registration you will be requested to complete a registration form setting out basic online contact information about yourself. Such information includes First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone No, Cell phone Number, City, State, Country, Zip / Postcode, Email, Find Us By, Username, Password, Newsletter, Ip Address.

E-mail information:

  • When we receive e-mails from you, we may retain the content of any e-mail messages sent to us, as well as details of your e-mail address.

Use of web-based tracking mechanisms such as Cookies:

  • Cookies, which enable us to store small amounts of information contained in your Web site browser, may be used on some areas of our Website. Cookies, that help us track your navigation, enable us to tailor our offerings to your needs. The kind of information that may be stored on a cookie includes registration data so that a user does not need to re-enter the information every time he/she visits a particular area, user IP address, user ISP details, user search track/log details and user browser details.
  • Third party Websites which are accessible from our Site via links, click-through or banner advertising may use Cookies. However, it is important for us to inform you that we have no access or control over such Cookies and do not accept responsibility with regards to them.

3. Choice OR opt out :- gives you the choice regarding the collection and usage of your personally identifiable information. During registration for “joining our mailing list,” we request for contact information in order to send bulletins and for advertising purposes. Again, it is not necessary for you to register in order to access and use our Site. You may therefore choose to opt out of providing such information.

Further, once you are registered at the site, you will have the option at any stage to inform us that you no longer wish to receive future e-mails and you may “unsubscribe” by contacting on

4. Security Practices As per I.T.Act, 2000 and Rules of I.T.Act, 2000 (Upgraded as per Amendment in I.T.Act, 2008 and its rules) has implemented stringent, internationally acceptable standards of technology and operational security in order to protect personally identifiable information from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction. The data resides behind a firewall, with access restricted to authorized personnel. has implemented “Reasonable Security Practices” as required by the Information Technology Act, 2000 rules including any amendment in the said Act and rules. By complying with such provisions, assures proper care and control over its I.T. and Security operations under sections 43, 43A, 45 & Section 85 of I.T.Act, 2000 including related rules.

By using this site you agree that shall not be held responsible for any uncontrollable security attack and in such cases you agree that shall not be held responsible for any type of financial, opportunity, legal, business and reputation losses that may occur to you under the Provisions of Section 43, 43A and 45 of Information Technology Act, 2000 and including any amendments in the said Act.

You further agree that management shall not be held responsible directly or indirectly for any cyber crime related criminal liabilities under I.T.Act,2000 relating to your information as you agree and acknowledge that management of complies with due diligence requirements of I.T.Act,2000 including its rules and amendments.

Our Security controls include:

-    SSL (Secured Socket Layer)
-    Software firewalls
-    Hash algorithms SHA, SHA2 & MD5
-    IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems)
-    IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems)
-    Closing of server’s unused ports
-    IP lock control against brute force attackers
-    Removal of default password and use of strong password on server
-    Anonymous login disabled
-    Log files
-    Controls against SQL injection
-    Controls against XSS
-    Input security controls
-    Access token controls

Contacting the web site

For questions regarding the privacy statement, practices of the site, or any other transaction issue, please contact

We are very sensitive to the children privacy. If you come to know that your child has given wrong age information on then please contact to remove such data.