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Reiki Elements


Description of Reiki Elements

Welcome to Agate Export, your premier wholesale destination for high-quality elemental direction and Reiki stones. In our exclusive collection, you’ll discover meticulously handcrafted sets designed to harmonize spaces and elevate spiritual practices. Each set is curated to provide aesthetic beauty and profound metaphysical benefits, catering to the diverse needs of your retail customers.

Our wholesale collection features a variety of elemental direction sets including the Black Agate Oval, Black Agate Stone, and the Black Agate Elemental Direction Set. These striking pieces symbolize protection and grounding, making them perfect for enhancing your customers’ connection with the earth elements. Additionally, smooth, polished stones like the Elemental Direction Oval Shape Set and Elemental Direction Disc Set offer versatile applications for meditation, healing, and energy alignment.

For customers who practice Reiki on the go, our Reiki Pocket Altar Set, available with the option of Black Agate Oval stones, delivers protective energies in a portable form. These sets are ideal for those who wish to maintain their spiritual practices anywhere, anytime, making them a perfect addition to your product lineup.

Expand your offerings with our comprehensive selection of elemental energy sets such as the Earth-Air-Fire-Water Reiki Stone Set and various Elemental Quarter Stone Sets. From the Elemental Quarter Stone Heart Set and the Elemental Quarter Stone Unshape Set to the Elemental Quarter Stone Pyramids Set, each set is designed to balance and harmonize energy grids. Our Elemental Stone Quarter Markers Pyramid Set includes beautifully crafted pyramids to mark the elemental quarters of sacred spaces, creating balanced and protective circles.

Celebrate the power of love and elemental balance with heart-shaped collections like the Elemental Direction Heart Shape Set. Additionally, embrace ancient symbolism with structures such as the Elemental Direction Obelisk Set and Elemental Direction Natural Point Set. These obelisks and natural points are powerful tools for spiritual focus, energy flow direction, and make stunning displays in any spiritual space.

Enhance the vibrational energy of homes and sacred spaces with the beautifully crafted Elemental Direction Lapis Lazuli Tower Set, revered for its deep spiritual connection and wisdom. Our Elemental Direction Tumbled Set features smooth, polished stones perfect for carrying in a pocket, meditation, or placing in various locations for balanced energy.

For crystal enthusiasts, the Crystal Quartz Elemental Direction Set offers versatility and energy amplification, making it an ideal choice for clarity enhancement and energy work.

At Agate Export, we are committed to providing wholesale products that not only meet spiritual needs but also resonate aesthetically and metaphysically. Explore our wholesale collection today and find the perfect sets that will speak to your retail customers’ souls and enhance their spiritual journeys. Partner with us to bring these unique and powerful tools to your stores, helping your customers on their path to spiritual fulfillment.