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Gemstone Spheres


Description of Gemstone Spheres

Welcome to Agate Export's premium wholesale crystal sphere collection, where each piece is meticulously crafted to bring both aesthetic appeal and unique energetic properties to your inventory. Our Green Mica Spheres offer energizing and cleansing properties, perfect for boosting energy and mental clarity in various settings, while Orange Calcite Spheres radiate warmth and enhance creativity, uplifting spirits with their vibrant color. The Black Rutile Spheres captivate with their intricate patterns and grounding qualities, and the Black Obsidian Spheres provide deep protection, warding off negativity. Yellow Aventurine Spheres invite joy and happiness with their sunny, optimistic vibes, while Serpentine Spheres foster healing and transformation, echoing ancient wisdom. Blue Aventurine Spheres are tranquil and calming, aiding in mental clarity, and Bloodstone Spheres inspire courage and vitality with their rich reds. The Chevron Banded Amethyst Spheres enhance spiritual growth with their stunning patterns, and Kambaba Spheres promote peace and stability with their ancient energies. Hematite Spheres offer reflective and grounding properties, and the White And Black Bonded Spheres harmonize opposing energies into balanced unity. White Howlite Spheres are perfect for reducing stress and calming anxieties, while Snowflake Obsidian Spheres protect and ground with their delicate patterns representing the balance of light and dark. Ruby Kyanite Spheres amplify passion and intuition, and Peach Moonstone Spheres provide a gentle, soothing energy that heals emotional wounds. The brilliant sparkle of Goldstone Spheres symbolizes ambition and drive, while Labradorite Spheres inspire creativity and protect against negative energies with their mesmerizing iridescent flashes. Garnet Spheres bring strength and safety with their deep, rich tones, and Apatite Spheres shine brightly with motivation and self-expression. Sodalite Spheres embody wisdom and improve focus and rational thought, making them excellent for professional settings, while Rhodonite Spheres radiate love and emotional healing. Amazonite Spheres evoke peace and balance with their gentle, soothing blue-green color, and Green Fancy Jasper Spheres are known for their nurturing and stabilizing properties. The clarity and brilliance of Crystal Quartz AAA Grade Spheres make them ideal for amplifying energy and intentions. Dantirc Spheres present unique metaphysical properties, perfect for those seeking spiritual growth, while Ruby Zoisite Spheres integrate passion, vitality, and the nurturing energy of green zoisite. Calcite Spheres, with their varying colors, are great for amplifying and cleansing energies. Pyrite Spheres shine with a metallic luster, known for bringing wealth and protection, and Malachite Synthetic Spheres offer a stunning green banded appearance that brings transformation and emotional clarity. Each crystal sphere in Agate Export's collection is chosen for its beauty, energy, and unique properties, ensuring they will be cherished additions to your retail offerings. Enhance your inventory with these extraordinary pieces that blend visual appeal with vibrant energy, and your customers will love the variety and benefits each sphere brings to their lives.