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Healing the Life Power Force through Seven Chakra Balancing Stones

Harmonising the Chakras with Stones

Human body is made of blood, muscles, nerves, bones, organs and lots of various living tissues. Scientifically it has been proved again and again and hence well established that there is a flow of electrical current across the body. In terms of energy, this flow is changing continuously with the body’s activities, mental thoughts and hormonal flow. Energy flow in human body can change with different emotions, physical changes and nerve and heart conductions. But the ups and downs through which people pass on a day to day basis, usually creates imbalance in the energy flow system.

  • Chakras important for balance of the body, augmented further by use of specific stones

On a more spiritual or aesthetic note, energy flow in the body is managed by seven major chakras present at different points of the body. It is believed that these chakra systems are like nerves with their branches going into numerous other minor chakras at other parts, thereby managing the entire body system. Disturbance of the balance thus maintained by these seven energy wheels can lead to a disruptive life, which gets manifested in different emotional, physical and disease forms. For this reason, it is necessary that seven chakra balancing stones be used to streamline the energy flow in the body to have healthy mind, body and be at one with the natural energy force of nature.

Seven chakras and stones

  • Found at the base of the spine, the first chakra is known as the root chakra, with energy provided for stability, will power, secure mind and invigorated physical energy. The balancing stones for it comprises of Red Zincite, Smoky Quartz, Hematite, Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, and Garnet.
  • Located below the navel is the 2nd chakra, for which the suitable stones are of orange and blue-green colours, such as Vanadinite, Carnelian, Blue Green Turquoise, fluorite, and Orange Calcite.
  • Solar plexus or third chakra is located below the breastbone, with choice of colours being yellow. Hence, people can wear the stones of Citrine, Yellow Jasper and Golden Calcite to have ambition, power, intellect and protection.
  • In the centre of the heart is the fourth chakra driving compassion, love, consciousness and emotions, for which the stones of Rose Quartz, Watermelon tourmaline, pink or rubellite tourmaline, Green adventurine, Malachite and Jade can be used in pink or green colours.
  • Represented by colour blue, the fifth chakra is found above the collar bones in neck region, for which the stones of Sodalite, blue calcite, blue kyanite, Angelite, and Blue Turquoise can be worn for balancing communication, expression and divine guidance.
  • Indigo coloured stones of Lapis Lazuli, Sugilite and Azurite represent the sixth chakra between the two eyebrows in the forehead, for maintaining spiritual awareness, intuition and psychic power.
  • Seventh chakra is present in the top of the head, represented by the colours of violet and golden-white, for which the best balancing stones would be Amethyst, White Topaz and White Calcite, for cosmic consciousness, perfection, energy and enlightenment.

It is very much imminent that there are different varieties and specific types of seven chakra balancing stones, each with its effect on the given chakra. When used correctly with intent, meditation and continuously, the stones gradually bring their effect in maintaining balance of the chakra energy as well as for seamless flow of energy across the entire body system.

  • How the stones work for harmonic balance

Working process of these stones is unique for the specific chakras when placed at the given points of the body where the chakras are found. The balance is also elicited by the use of the stones in necklaces, amulets, rings or simply kept in the pockets. Energy vibrations can pass through these stones and work on achieving the results as chakras are considered high power energy centres. So, with the energy flow smooth in the entire body, the frequency of the stones can help harmonise the outside energy with the inner self, bringing the body, mind and soul to a peaceful state.


“All of the seven chakras balancing stones are being used by me and in no time i have achieved a level of harmony and peace like never before, for which i can confidently recommend these for all troubled souls”

“I have recently tried using the balancing stones for solar chakra and using the Lapis Lazuli for the forehead and unbelievable results have been attained for which i am planning to get all the remaining five chakra balancing stones”

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