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Agate Export
Agate Export
FengShui-Metaphysical Best Sells Product
FengShui will work if you have the right products. And, we provide you just that! These metaphysical healing crystals are created after knowing the details of the art – FengShui. Add the glamor and power to your art with them. You can find your entire requirement in one place - just scroll it.Online Metaphysical wholesale store that can supply all kinds of healing gemstones proudcts.Contactus for your customs desings.
Pendulums Best Sells Product
Agate Export brings to you exclusive Healing, Chakra, Dowsing, Brass, Gemstones Pendulum. They are very rare pieces but we bring you the most sought and unique designs.These are the latest Healing And Metaphysical, which rotate. So, you need not worry about your center piece being at the right place. These pendulum are come in varied shapes and chakra colors with Original Crystals. Select the one that suits you the best.
Chakra Jewellery Best Sells Product
Nothing highlights the beauty of jewelry more than the circular pattern. You can club many colors or use single color brilliantly with this Chakra jewelry. You can even find pendants like ‘Om’ in this category. These can be best flaunted at a friends’ day out or home parties. Simple in weight yet high on fashion, these will surely please you
Chakra - Reiki Sets Best Sells Product
These sets are designed for the healing masters. They come in various colors and patterns bestowed for different healing purposes. We even have Reiki set for professionals of Reiki. You can even buy the key chains of same design, so that the positive power remains with you wherever you go.Hold Chakra And Reiki Sets during meditation, healing or when you are stressed to access the soothing energy of the crystal healing.We have Seven Chakra Set, Reiki Sets many shapes and sizes and stones available.

Orgone Energy Products Best Sells Product
There are two types of material – organic and inorganic. The former has feminine traits while the latter has masculine traits. When we blend these two, we get Orgone – an etheric energy also known as Prana or Chi.
The benefits of having Orgone jewelry is that it improves physical well-being, prevents electromagnetic radiation coming towards you, boosts up the spiritual growth and keeps your mood refreshed.
 We cater such orgone products for your fitness. Check out the amazing collection we have.
Most View And Like Products
You liked, you appreciated and now, here is a look at the most picked and popular products on our site. These products have been loved by all and are selling like hot cakes. If you do not want to lose them, buy your piece now. Wholsale Chakra Sets, Reiki Stones, Healing Crystals For Sale.
Buy Discont Product
The number of orders are overwhelming and we are thankful to you for making us happening and successful. As a sign of gratitude towards all our buyers, we are introducing a special offer. If you place your order now, you can avail 5-10% % discount on our products. Isn�t it exciting? Buy before the offer ends of Healing Crystals, Seven Chakra, Tumbled Stones, Dowsing Pendulums, Brass Metal Pendulums,Rune Sets, Orgone Pyramids etc...
Latest Products Updated...
Thank you for showering us with your love. We appreciate it. And, as a token of thanks, we would like to share a good news with you; we have brought you new products. With the increasing requests, we have come with a completely new range and here is the sneak peak into it.

Know More About Agate Export

There are many people across the world that believe in Feng Shui and consider them to work wonders. The Feng Shui crystals are considered to have a metaphysical value, but they will prove to be effective only when they are of the highest and richest qualities. Well, you will be happy to know that the best Metaphysical wholesale store is now available to offer you some of the richest qualities of these metaphysical stones by means of which you can change your fortune. These are healing crystals and these are manufactured only after knowing the significant details and benefits of each.

We are the one stop shop for your entire crystal and gemstone needs. Whether you want to buy them for their healing powers or for their glamor and power, you can expect to find each and every variety with us. Agate Export is the leading manufacturer and supplier of crystals and stones. Moreover, we also offer custom designs so that our customers can select from any of these varieties that best suit their requirements, as a whole. You can always get in touch with us by mailing us your designs and the stones of your preferences. We ensure you that we will give you the best.

We have been into this industry for a long time now, and we constantly upgrade our products. As a result, each time, you visit our site, you can expect to get something new and we are sure that you will just love them. Apart from that, we also offer great deals and discounts on our products so that each customer gets the opportunity to save great with the high quality healing crystals. Unless, you buy our products, you will not get an idea of what wonders it can create. You will just love them in any way.

In fact, Agate Export is the leading manufacturer, exporter and wholesale supplier of wide varieties of metaphysical products. We are into this industry since 1990 and have established a huge base of customers. Our customers are the pillars of our success, and since our establishment we never had to look back. Today, we have established our base not only in the country, but also established our business networks in different parts of the world ranging from America, Asia, Europe and Australia. We continue to expand our base and satisfy our customers with the best products like none other.

We always adhere to the latest industrial standards in manufacturing our metaphysical healing crystals. Not only we are strict about the quality, but also make sure that we offer them at the most affordable price ranges. This is also one of the possible reasons for which we have diverse customers that rely exclusively on our products. This makes us feel proud, happy, confident and satisfied. It is also the huge response from customers that we get on a regular basis that helps us to stick to the best quality products and services each time. Nothing is better than this.

Our excellent Metaphysical wholesale store has an exclusive range of wholesale products ranging from chakra stone, arrowheads, crystals healing, chakra and gemstone pendulums, metaphysical products, seven chakra stones, spiritual healing crystals, gemstone esoteric products and even new age stones. We export stones of all varieties and our Akik stones are also highly popular and in huge demand. If you have not yet purchased stones and crystals from us, it is high time that you place your order. You will feel glad that you did it. For more information, you can browse thoroughly through our website and explore more about us in the best way.    


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