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Agate Slices Chakra Set With Chakra Tumbled Stones

  • Item Code
  • Size
    3.50 Inch
  • MOQ
    20 Pcs
  • Weight
    80-100 Grams
  • Special Order

Exclusive collection of Agate Slices Chakra Set With Chakra Tumbled Stones at affordable price. Chakra tumbled set completed with the specially selected tumbled stones. It is used for their divination meaning and healing powers to balance the chakras and auras. It is widely recommended for reiki healing. The variety of the stones ranges from amethyst, aventurine, black tourmaline, citrine quartz, jasper brecciated, moss agate, red jasper, rose quartz, sodalite, tiger eye, and are naturally colored. Chakra is used for balancing the body chakra. It is used to remove the negativity of life. This amazing set is more powerful while doing a meditation. Agate slices cleanse and stabilise the aura, eliminating and transforming negativity. Order online now.

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